2017 Events Schedule

Niagara Trials Committee Contact:
Laverne Bowen (P) 716-930-0766
Entrance fee will be $15.00
  • Eden – May 21st
    4847 Belcher Road, Eden NY 14057
  • Dale – June 11th
    4752 Pfleum Road, Dale, NY 14039
  • Kissing Bridge – UPDATE: Cancelled-Email Us If anyone has good ideas for us doing a trials on July 30th or September 17th, please let us know..
    10296 State Road, Glenwood NY 14069
  • Medina – August 13th
    3405 Bates Road, Medina, NY 14103
  • Kissing Bridge – UPDATE: Cancelled-Email Us If anyone has good ideas for us doing a trials on July 30th or September 17th, please let us know.
    10296 State Road, Glenwood NY 14069
  • Medina – October 8th
    3405 Bates Road, Medina, NY 14103

Miller Ranch Trials Contact & Event Information:

Aaron Miller (p) 607 962 7922

  • April 23, 2017
  • July 23, 2017
  • October 15, 2017

District 3 (3D) Trials Contact & Event Information:
Contact: Ian Maynard (P) 607-423-9308
Events start at 11AM


  • SPONGE BOB CUP – May 7
    SANGERFIELD NY, 8021 Kemp Rd
    CONTACT: Brandon Maynard
  • PICNIC CUP – August 20
    1098 Co Rt 4
    CONTACT: Brandon Maynard
  • Labor Cup – September 3
    ONEONTA NY, 618 East st
    CONTACT: Rick Thompson
  • Terry Graves Memorial Cup – October 29
    COLLIERSVILLE NY, Fern Ridge Drive
    CONTACT: Jim Reilly
District 4 Trials Committee Contact:
Regan Faught (p) 607-731-4820 (e) rwfaughht@aol.com

D4 trials events run from 12:00 to 5:00 with a rider meeting @ 11:45.
AMA membership is required and available at the event.
Competition entry fee is $15

April 30, 2017   Carl Peters, 2992 Pearl St. Moreland, NY 14812
carlandnancypeters@gmail.com     607-738-4142

June 4, 2017     Regan Faught, 6371 Morrell Rd. Cayuta, NY 14824
rwfaughht@aol.com   607-731-4820

June 25, 2017   Lorin Storch, 833 Ferran Rd. Gillette, PA—Fassett,PA 16925
lstorch@stny.rr.com       607-426-1271

July 9, 2017     Judy Difasi,   10165 State Route 36, Dansville, NY. 14437
jdifasi13@gmail.com     607-742-6648

July 22, 2017  George Brinkwart, 47 Abbotts Rd. Cuba, NY 14727
grbrinkw@gmail.com 716-968-3025                                                                            

                   This will be a fun event on Saturday, no points or score.


July 23, 2017     George Brinkwart, 47 Abbotts Rd. Cuba, NY 14727
grbrinkw@gmail.com 716-968-3025

August 6, 2017 George Martin, 2713 East Valley Rd. Penn Yan, NY 14527
Gktpp@frontiernet.net 315-521-1858

Many of the events are off the beaten path, see Maps on the backside, and or

Google Maps to find trials locations.

Questions about Observed Trials ?    Need help getting into Trials ?

 See our website  www.district4trials.com 

An Observed Trial is a motorcycle competition based on skill rather than speed. The object is to ride through marked “sections” consisting of tight turns, hill climbs, rocks & logs in balance and control. Each time a rider uses his feet to regain his balance or stops in the section with his foot down, points are assessed. The trial consists of a number of sections connected by a short loop. In local competition, 8 sections and 5 laps comprise the contest. Riders are classified by ability (i.e., Rookie, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert). There are no engine displacement classes.


D4 Trials is Western New York’s Observed Trials headquarters. Organizers of 5 World Round Competition’s at Montour Falls and 21 NATC national events. Trials in Western New York have been organized since 1976, 2017 marks D4’s 41th year of providing a series of AMA sanctioned Observed Trials Competition. Observed Trials riders are the magicians of motorcycling competition, seemingly impossible obstacles are overcome by specialized motorcycles with skilled riders. All levels of riders are welcome and have fun at D4 events. A new rider program is available. All events start at 12 noon, with a mandatory riders meeting at 11:45 AM.


If you are a spectator, you are required to sign the insurance release when entering the property. Please stand clear of the section. Do not distract the rider from their attempt, it is his/her sole responsibility to “read” how the section is to be ridden. Remember these events are held on private land, please extend the land owner the same consideration you would expect.

New York Air Cooled Trials Contact & Event Information:
11 AM start time for all competition events.
Moreland Gate System scoring.
Low entry fee of $10, which includes food after the event.

Getting to Our Events:
The directions provided on our schedule page are for planning purposes only. Construction projects, heavy traffic, weather, or other circumstances may require you to adjust your route accordingly. GPS is a useful tool, but you should always evaluate your route to make sure it is the best way for reaching a particular event. As an aid to navigation, we post orange and black directional arrows in the vicinity of each event. Be on the lookout for them as you approach!
Four Bike Classes:
Prehistoric – 1971 and older.
Historic – 1972 through 1977.
Classic – 1978 and newer twin shock and drum brake.
Modern – 1991 and older monoshock and/or disc brake.
NOTE: To preserve a vintage experience, all bikes must be air-cooled.

Kissing Bridge Snowsports & KBMOTO Contact & Event Information:
Thomas Bamrick
Kissing Bridge, Ln
Glenwood, New York 14069
(p) (716) 592-4963 EXT 2215
(c): 716-510-3051
Email: tom@kbski.com